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The perfect summer accessory

 Le velo - the perfect summer accessory. Not only is it a practical way of getting around, it is a great form of exercise.We have a shop that hires e...
17-05-2022 19:17

Celebrating Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI's wedding

 On this date in 1770  Marie Antoinette and future King Louis XVI of France were married.So we plan to celebrate by having a cake or two...Belle se...
16-05-2022 19:41

Displaying copper molds

How gorgeous do these copper molds look in this hotel dining room" The hotel is really stunning and you can see some more photos ...
12-05-2022 19:15

Every girl needs at least one of these

 White T Shirt and a great pair of jeans = a winning combination. This is also timeless as you can see in this photo of the very fabulous Jane Birki...
10-05-2022 19:14

Another sunny Sunday

 A sunny Sunday, perfect for shopping for antiques, followed by a leisurely lunch by the lake.Belle semaine a tous ?Leeann x ...
09-05-2022 19:19

Just listed

 I have added some new items to our online boutique and have a few more to add today.One of my favorites is this authentic vintage publicity for Absi...
05-05-2022 19:16

A beautiful day

 Yesterday was a beautiful day with lots of lovely sunshine. When I got up at 4.45 am it was chilly but it warmed up as the day went on.You need to d...
02-05-2022 19:18

Joyeux Premier Mai...

 Je vous envoie ce petit brin de muguet pour qu\'il vous porte Bonheur...I am sending you a piece of lily of the valley to bring you happiness....
01-05-2022 19:39

French Food Friday - Petite French Yogurt Loaves

Bonjour from a sunny and very warm SW France,As you know French Yogurt Cake is one of French Boyfriend\'s favorites and I make it on a regular basis....
29-04-2022 19:18

Diane the Huntress Toile de Jouy

 Look what I found whilst looking for a hotel in the Loire Valley. A beautiful bedroom in a fabulous chateau hotel, decorated with Diane the huntre...
26-04-2022 19:19

French Food Friday...Les Nonnettes de Dijon la Marmelade d

I am in the mood to make some nonnettes.Nonnettes are a Dijon specialty made with gingerbread and orange marmalade.    Les Nonnettes de Dijon la ...
22-04-2022 19:15

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Our Hearts

 Wishing Her Majesty the  Queen, a very Happy 96th Birthday.God save the queen, a queen of our hearts ??Leeann x ...
21-04-2022 19:17

A sleepy Tuesday

 Yesterday felt like Monday and it was only when I asked myself why the bar was open on a Monday, that I realised this was because it was in fact Tue...
20-04-2022 19:18

Some eye candy

Bonjour mes belles,I hope you are having a lovely Easter. In the latest Drouot cataloque, there is a listing for an auction of items belonging to the...
18-04-2022 19:18

Joyeuses Paques/ Happy Easter

 ??Joyeuses Paques????Happy Easter??Leeann x ...
16-04-2022 19:37

Easter recipe - Carrot cupcakes

 I hope you have had a lovely week, ours has been a very busy and productive week and w are looking forward to the weekend.Carrots and Easter seem li...
15-04-2022 19:41

4 hours later...

Guess what we are having for breakfast this morning" Home made hot cross buns with custard crosses.Made with love and a lot of effort.Some things in ...
13-04-2022 19:14

It's T Shirt weather

 We have a high of 23 degrees forecast, it will be nice to put on some lighter clothing.A new crisp white T shirt, a pair of slightly flared jeans an...
11-04-2022 19:17

French Food Friday - Tourte Pascale

 Finally I have found a recipe I want to make for Easter.  In French Boyfriend\'s dreams I would be cooking lamb but I do not eat red meat and just...
08-04-2022 19:17

Addicted to lampshades

I have just been browsing through a "deco ideas" folder on my desktop and realise that I am obsessed with lampshades and lighting in general.This said...
06-04-2022 19:17

Interesting reading - Top ten brands in France

 According to a study taken in January 2022, the top 10 brands in France are as follows:Leroy Merlin- French headquartered home improvement and gard...
05-04-2022 19:16

Antique Chocolate Bunnies

 How adorable are these chocolate bunnies" A chocolate shop in New Zealand is making them for Easter using an antique chocolate mould.You can find ...
04-04-2022 19:16

French Food Friday - Chocolate Madeleines

Happy 1st of April from a chilly SW France.We do not have long to go now until Easter is upon us and I am thinking about what I will be making this ye...
01-04-2022 19:15

Time for some painting

One coat of chalk paint has been applied to this antique fronton  and another will be applied today.Then it will be given a light sanding, two coats ...
31-03-2022 19:18

Peony Magic

I often think that the universe loves to put us to the test and yesterday was one of those days.In my head the day had been planned out and there was ...
29-03-2022 19:19

French Food Friday - Warm Pear Salad with Roquefort Dressin

Todays recipe is one of my favourites and perfect for an entree or light lunch.All you need to add is some slices of crusty baguette and you have a ve...
25-03-2022 19:16

A romantic gift

This delicate ring was a gift from an 18-year-old Napoleon Bonaparte to his first love, 26-year-old Caroline du Colombier. At the end of 1785, the yo...
24-03-2022 19:15

An unexpected surprise

 Look what I spotted when out shopping yesterday. Luscious looking strawberries, what a treat.Just looking at them makes me hungry...Belle journe...
23-03-2022 19:16

My Week-end Project

 Bonjour mes belles,I hope you had a lovely weekend. A lot of my weekend was spent working on my latest purchase, this beautiful chandelier.It was fo...
21-03-2022 19:16

French Food Friday - Chicken Chasseur

  Bonjour mes belles, I first posted this recipe in 2015 and I think it is time it made another appearance. It is an easy to make meal and perfect ...
18-03-2022 19:18

JOYEUSE SAINT?PATRICK/ Happy Saint Patrick's Day

 Joyeuse Saint?Patrick.Happy Saint Patrick\'s Day.Leeann x  ...
17-03-2022 19:21

A balancing act

 It is just a question of balance, I tell  myself as I flit from task to task. Hence this fabulous photo from Rodney Smith sums up my mood.The weath...
16-03-2022 19:17

All it takes

 It is 6am in the morning and  I have just glanced at my phone.Up pops up a  fabulous photo with a link advising that we can fly to Porto for 8 eur...
15-03-2022 19:18

French Food friday - Kugelhopf

 One of the stories about the origins of this brioche, states that this  Alsatian brioche actually comes from Bethlehem. A Wise Man, while exitin...
11-03-2022 19:15

A quiet bloomer

 It all happened so quickly, one day there were closed buds and the next day, this is was greeted me as I stepped out of the house.A spectacular sigh...
09-03-2022 19:16

French Food Friday - Mini Matcha & Raspberry Friands

 Bonjour mes belles,I cannot believe it is Friday already. This week\'s recipe is one of my favorites and I am sure other green tea lovers will agree...
04-03-2022 19:14

Spring is in the air

 Yesterday was a lovely day with lots of sunshine, perfect spring cleaning weather. As you know I have started the minimalist challenge - discarding...
02-03-2022 19:40

Bonjour mars

01-03-2022 19:16
28-02-2022 19:19

French Food Friday - Crique de Pommes de terre

 This week\'s recipe comes from the Savoie region, a region  mainly known for its mountains (The Mont Blanc and the French Alps) and its cheeses (Be...
25-02-2022 19:14

Love this room

 Some beautiful inspiration to start the day from the fabulous Chateau de Luce, where you can stay or just spend the day. The interiors and gardens ...
23-02-2022 19:15

All one needs... a fabulous chandelier and then the rest falls in to place.This is a photo of one of the last projects that Karl Lagerfield worked on, you can se...
21-02-2022 19:12

French Food Friday - Pommes au four

 I had to smile when I saw this recipe on  the le creuset website as we loved baked apples and ironically have some similar dishes which I have neve...
18-02-2022 19:17


 Just wanted to say Bonjour and that I hope you are having a lovely week....Leeann x ...
16-02-2022 19:39

Play the minimalist game with me...

How stunning is this tulip arrangement"  Simple but very chic.Why I am looking at flowers when I am supposed to be thinking about decluttering the ho...
16-02-2022 19:39

Joyeuse Saint Valentin?

 Joyeuse Saint Valentin??Happy Valentine\'s DayLeeann x ...
14-02-2022 19:15

Valentine's Day Recipe - Belgian Biscuits

 Not long to go now until Valentine\'s day is here.This week\'s recipe is a biscuit recipe that my grandmother used to make for us when we were child...
11-02-2022 19:15

Give yourself some love

 We live in a busy world and we often spend more time looking after others and we forget to take care of ourselves.So here are some ways to look afte...
10-02-2022 19:12

Using Antique French Linen - some ideas

I recently got a book out from our local library about how to repurpose antique French linen.As you already know I have in the past used monogrammed n...
08-02-2022 19:40

So inspiring....

 Congratulations to the Queen on being the longest reigning Queen in history.We can not begin to imagine life without you and we plan to celebrate th...
07-02-2022 19:17

French Food Friday - Mini Chocolate friands

 I have a new heart shaped mold which I adore and I am sure it will come in very useful, says she who is addicted to buying anything for baking. Let\...
04-02-2022 19:20

Happy Lunar New Year ?

 Happy Lunar New Year! Here\'s hoping the Year of the Tiger brings you  happiness, health and prosperity ??Leeann x image from
02-02-2022 19:40

Bonjour fevrier ?

 Bonjour fevrier ?Chocolates, Roses, Chinese food and a Tiger. What more could a girl want"Leeann x ...
01-02-2022 19:15

Here comes the Year of the Tiger

 We are looking forward to celebrating the arrival of the year of the Tiger on Wednesday.All I need to do now is reserve a table at our favourite Chi...
31-01-2022 19:16

French food Friday - Crpes for la Chandeleur

Did you know that the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, on 2 February, is a feast to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation...
28-01-2022 19:22

Vintage Chocolate Molds Display Idea

 For those of you wondering how to display your vintage chocolate molds, displaying them on a wall is a great way of showing them off and adds charm ...
27-01-2022 19:15

Bon Week-end ?

There is nothing like a bouquet of tulips to remind us that Winter will not last forever and it will not be too long before Spring is here.Bon week-en...
22-01-2022 19:15

French Food Friday - Petit Gateaux aux Graines de Sesames

 I purchased a new mold this week with Valentines day in mind and I am hoping to put it to use plan this weekend.For Valentine\'s day this year I am ...
21-01-2022 19:15

Inside the Manoir

 Bonjour mes belles, As promised here are some photos of the interior of the chateau situated in the gardens of Marqueyssac.Love the use of the toil...
19-01-2022 19:19

The perfect gift

 I have decided  to order  French Boyfriend a box of our macarons from one of our favourite shops for Saint Valentine\'s day. Not only do Laduree ...
18-01-2022 19:22

Love is in the air ??

 In less than a month Saint Valentine\'s Day will be here. I have just finished designing my card for mon amour aka French Boyfriend, which has been...
17-01-2022 19:16

Bon week-end??

Bonjour from a very chilly SW France, wishing you a very happy and relaxing weekend ??Leeann x ...
15-01-2022 19:35

French Food Friday -Buckwheat Galettes De Sarrasin Pancakes

 Just before Christmas I ordered a packet of sarrasin flour the same time I was ordered a kilo of sliced almonds and a kilo of ground almonds.It prov...
14-01-2022 19:17

Emily in Paris - Seasons 3 & 4

 I have just finished season 2 and I am happy to hear that there are two more seasons coming soon...Leeann x  ...
12-01-2022 19:44

Hello sailor

My love affair with the French Sailor\'s cap started in Normandy where I purchased one from a very charming Antiques dealer at an Antiques fair taking...
11-01-2022 19:16

Flowers are a girl's best friend

How can a girl not smile when she spots a shop with lots of pretty flowers.Flowers make life a brighter and happier place.Wishing you a bright and hap...
10-01-2022 19:16

Starting the New Year

 We started the New Year hunting for tresors and we have our fingers crossed  that 2022 is a good year for treasure hunting.French Boyfriend did not...
04-01-2022 19:19

Bonne Annee 2022

 Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022.Bonne Annee et bonne sante ??Leeann x ...
01-01-2022 19:22

French Food Friday -Saumon en Croute

 Over the Christmas period I made saumon en croute and I thought I would share the recipe with you. It is a perfect supper recipe for two. Note we a...
31-12-2021 19:20

One down, one to go

 Bonjour mes belles,I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Ours involved a lot of cooking and I am planning on not spending as much time cooking for New...
28-12-2021 19:21

Joyeux Noel ?

??Merry Christmas with lots of love ??Leeann x ...
25-12-2021 19:17

Joyeux Noel ??

 Nol est rserv aux enfants.Heureusement, il y a un enfant dans chacun de nous.Christmas is reserved for children. Fortunately there is a child i...
24-12-2021 19:22

Not many sleeps to go now

 Not many sleeps to go now and I almost feel prepared. I  am starting to feel excited and less stressed than at the beginning of the week . It is ...
22-12-2021 19:17

We are in a magazine ??

 Today I am feeling happy and proud that we have been featured in a French inspired  Japanese Interiors and lifestyle magazine called Salon Rustique...
20-12-2021 19:19

Bonjour Pere Noel ??

 Look who we found whilst taking an afternoon  stroll around the village. Bravo to our village boulangerie who has created a magical Christmas wind...
19-12-2021 19:16

"Aimer, c?est savoir dire je t?aime sans parler."

???"Aimer, c?est savoir dire je t?aime sans parler." Victor Hugo"To love is to know how to say I love you without speaking." Victor Hugo ??? ...
16-12-2021 19:47

Gorgeous Green ??

 I stumbled across ...
15-12-2021 19:50

Can one have enough"

 I say no but French Boyfriend says yes.In the meantime I continue to buy them and I may even give him a couple as a Christmas present.??Belle semain...
13-12-2021 19:17

French Food Friday - Mini Mandarin and Cranberry Friands

This week\'s recipe is one of our favourites and  they are the prefect size for serving with a cup of tea or coffee. They also make lovely Christmas...
10-12-2021 19:45

Red & Gray

 Red and gray are a great colour combination as this photo goes to show.Fabulous and very festive and it is an easy look to achieve.Bonne journee fro...
08-12-2021 19:38

Love this idea

 As you know I love natural decorations and this a perfect example from Loberon, using a natural element and some fabulous decorations.It would work ...
07-12-2021 19:21

A quiet Sunday afternoon

 Yesterday started off cold and wet. In the afternoon the sun came out so I thought I would take a stroll around the village but the wind was eye wat...
06-12-2021 19:50

Express Shipping with UPS

 We are happy to announce that we now have an express shipping service to the USA and Europe with UPS, it costs extra but arrives a lot faster than t...
01-12-2021 19:39

Bringing Nature Indoors

What a stunning display this is, created by Kit Kemp using a mixture of fresh foliage and pomegranates, oranges and red currants.  The use of fruit ...
01-12-2021 19:39

A mini tree

 I am leaning towards a mini tree this year. This would take up less room and be easy to take care of.Unlike last year\'s tree which started to lose...
30-11-2021 19:41

Last day - Black Friday Discount

 Today is last day to take advantage of our Black Friday Discount.We are offering a discount of 10% on all orders over 50 euros.Just click on this ...
29-11-2021 19:14

No snow yet

 The weather forecast is for some snow today, ??Bon dimanche from a very chilly SW France ??Leeann x ...
28-11-2021 19:14

French Food Friday - Poached Pears in Red Wine

 This is one of our all time favorite recipes and you can serve it hot or cold.Poached  Pears in Red Wine(serves 4)Ingredients1 x 750ml bottle of so...
26-11-2021 19:13

Give thanks & Be Thankful

BE THANKFUL Be thankful that you don\'t already have everything you desire.If you did, what would there be to look forward to" Be thankful when yo...
25-11-2021 19:17

Black Friday Special Discount

 We are offering a ...
24-11-2021 19:18
24-11-2021 19:18

A Dior Christmas

 Dior is looking fabulously festive again  this year with it\'s very chic decorations.You can see more stunning photos here.Leeann x ...
23-11-2021 19:18

Missing - One Flying Angel

 We have a pair of flying angels that French Boyfriend uses as part of his Christmas window display.This year I thought that I would use them so I as...
22-11-2021 19:15

DIY Wrapping Paper

 It\'s time to get out the potatoes out and get creative - thanks to this photo I found on pinterest.All you need is some potatoes, a sharp knife, so...
21-11-2021 19:18

French Food Friday - Poires gratines au roquefort

 This is one of our favorite dessert recipes, pears and roquefort is always a great combination.Poires gratines au roquefortIngredients150 g of Roq...
19-11-2021 19:16

It's cold outside

 It has turned very chilly here and yesterday was one of those gray days where the sun simply refused to make an appearance.On these type of days it ...
18-11-2021 19:19

Making natural decorations

 A few years ago I dried some orange slices and used them to decorate our tree. Not only did they look great, they smelt delicious and are planet fri...
17-11-2021 19:18

La vie est belle ??

 A reminder that life is beautiful and to make the best of every moment ??? La vie est belle ?Leeann x ...
16-11-2021 19:41

Sold for 8.1 million dollars - Marie Antoinette's bracelets

 Fabulous and you do not get much more French than  this, a piece of French history.....Two diamond bracelets, which Marie-Antoinette had hidden in ...
14-11-2021 19:19

French Food Friday - Black Treacle"!

 I needed to make some gingerbread cookies in a hurry but we did not have any black treacle and the shop where we normally get it from did not have a...
12-11-2021 19:18

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