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Nequette Lofts Birmingham

So, if I had to pick a city in the south that I\'d move to tomorrow, it\'d be Birmingham - hands down. There seems to be no end to the talent that\'s ...
06-06-2018 19:17

Linen Inspiration

So, there\'s a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the apartment, some that I really, no REALLY REALLY want to scream from the rooftops, but I...
24-05-2018 19:19

Breath of fresh air ...

Yeah. No staged photos here. Just unadulterated truth telling. The process of changing things from blue to white was not easy. Actually, I should say,...
21-05-2018 19:16

Doing the Math ...

Decorating is fun. Decorating is an outlet for creative souls. Decorating is expensive. It doesn\'t matter how frugal or resourceful, how inventive...
18-05-2018 19:17

Mark D. Sikes' "Sleeping Beauty" and Changes

Mark D. Sikes has done it again with his beautiful and elegant design for this years Kips Bay Showhouse in a bedroom he\'s dubbed: Sleeping Beauty. I\...
10-05-2018 19:13

Chinoiserie Follows Me ...

Main Street Apt Version 1So a lot of you were curious as to whether or not I sold the Chinoiserie wedding cabinet from the first decoration of the liv...
09-05-2018 19:16

Sleeping Beauty ... and Changes

Mark D. Sikes has done it again with his beautiful and elegant design for this years Kips Bay Showhouse in a bedroom he\'s dubbed: Sleeping Beauty. I\...
08-05-2018 19:14

Too Much Blue"

Collection of Pieces ... Living Room 2.0I asked myself the same thing when I put the striped fabric up in the bedroom. Is this too much" Later I decid...
02-05-2018 19:15

Hayfever Inspiration

I\'ve blogged about designer Jeffrey Bilhuber\'s summer home, Hayfever before. But recently, I\'ve been incredibly inspired by it once again.Particula...
26-04-2018 19:14

Coveritis Cured

Sneak Peek at the Living Room RedoIn 2011, my friend Joni blogged about a word: Coveritis. The definition varies, but the idea is that coveritis is a...
21-04-2018 19:13

Out with the old, in with the ... blue"

So, there were a few people who called it. "Artie, you\'re selling all of your things too soon - there\'s no way you\'re going to live in an empty apa...
12-04-2018 19:16

Who'da Thunk ...

This would be so hard"! I\'ve been looking at houses for 4-months, and it\'s been exhausting! I remember watching those House Hunters shows on HGTV a...
20-03-2018 19:17

Inspired ...

I\'ve been in a rut lately when it comes to design inspiration. Thankfully, this beautiful room popped into my radar and I\'ve been brimming with idea...
09-03-2018 19:09

Confusion and Confessions

Hi friends,Firstly, no, I\'m not shutting down the blog. I\'m sorry that the prior post was confusing, really I am! I have no intention of stopping th...
28-02-2018 19:19


This morning I found out that someone else is on the move. Decorator and artist, William Rankin McLure has decided to move from his spacious downtown ...
28-02-2018 19:19

Bye Bye Comments

Well, I gave it the best shot I could. I moderated comments, I put up a spam blocker, and still, more than 50-spam comments would pop up per day in my...
23-02-2018 19:11

Book Review: VERSAILLES: A Private Invitation

I have been absolutely enveloped in a new series I happened across on Netflix called Versailles, have any of you watched it" An episodic history lesso...
16-02-2018 19:11

As the dust settles ...

Phew! Wow, well, how do I even start" THANK YOU! If you bought from the sale, I really want to just thank you, from the bottom of my heart! There were...
13-02-2018 19:10


UPDATEFirstly, let me extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought things from the sale so far. This is the final day of the sale, and everything st...
08-02-2018 19:09

Get Ready For It ... My Biggest Liquidation Sale EVER

Here we go! I told you it was gonna happen - and now it\'s happening! A LITTLE ABOUT WHY ...I wish that I could put all the sordid details of why thi...
12-01-2018 19:14

New Year - New Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope that all of you have a wonderful and bountiful New Year. I wanted to quickly write up a little post before I head out for the...
02-01-2018 19:13

White (and Caramel) Christmas

I\'m a little late getting these pictures to you because we had a little bit of a whoopsie daisy with the photos, and I have spent the last 10-days tr...
13-12-2017 19:13

SALE: I'm changing it up ...

It\'s been said that I can\'t be trusted to leave anything the same way for too long, and that\'s absolutely true. In fact, I can\'t be trusted to sta...
09-12-2017 19:08

Things I Love: Part Three

Alright, last piece here, and then I\'ll start blogging about Christmas decorations at the apartment. I swear to you, this is EXTREME, but it\'s all f...
29-11-2017 19:10

Things I Love: PART TWO

I am so glad that so many of you ordered things from Things I Love: Part One, and I really have no doubt you\'re gonna love them just as much as I do!...
16-11-2017 19:20

Things I Love

Now that I\'ve finished the apartment (mostly), I\'ve recently started focusing on my fitness and getting back in shape for summer. It isn\'t easy. I\...
07-11-2017 19:14

My Media Room

Sometimes you have to live with a pet before you give it a name. Don\'t you think" You have to give them the time to show their personality, see how t...
31-10-2017 19:09

Incredible Talent: Mikael Nojonen

Somewhere, deep in the southern most regions of Sweden, there sits an old stable with a working hay loft that Mikael Nojonen calls home. The owners of...
27-10-2017 19:09

Book Review: Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces

Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces by Victoria Hagan and David ColmanI love the fall! Not only is the weather a dream, it is the season for new interior des...
19-10-2017 19:18

Book Review: Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision

THE INTERIORS AND ARCHITECTURE OF RENZO MONGIARDINO: A Painterly Vision by Martina Mondadori Sartogo and the Editors of Cabana, Rizzoli New York, 2...
18-10-2017 19:13

Book Review: Haute Bohemians

Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-ViannaForeword by Amy Astley (Architectural Digest)Vendome Press has some amazing interior design books hitting the s...
17-10-2017 19:14

End of My Rope

Over the last few weeks, I have received hundreds, LITERAL HUNDREDS of spam comments. Most of them end up on this post, but they have been scattered t...
06-10-2017 19:09

William Rankin McLure Pop Up Shop

William Rankin McLure, the Alabama painter and interior designer that has taken instagram by storm ...
27-09-2017 19:11


Since I sold the bookcases in my apartment, I have VERY little space to store all of the books I\'ve collected the last couple of years. Of course, I ...
22-09-2017 19:12

Mark D. Sikes in Santa Barbara

Some new photos emerged on Mark D. Sikes\' website recently of a project he and his team completed in Santa Barbara. After some thorough digging, I fo...
19-09-2017 19:07

The $200 Sofa

Yes, I\'m talking about that one! I\'m not often very lucky. When it comes to winning things, well, I just never do. I honestly can\'t think of a th...
15-09-2017 19:09

Decorating vs. Styling

When I started blogging almost 10-years ago, Color Outside the Lines became my outlet for communicating with a design minded public I couldn\'t find i...
12-09-2017 19:10

Tory Burch's Westerly

Design maven Tory Burch is no stranger to the spotlight when it comes to her homes. Her friend and trusted decorator, architect Daniel Romauldez, has ...
08-09-2017 19:10


Alright, one last sell off of the stuff that once occupied the now media room. I really can\'t believe that I had so much stuff in there, but, I did! ...
01-09-2017 19:13

Amazing Renovation

Lisa Luby Ryan is a designer from Dallas, Texas. Her work is beautiful and almost immediately identifiable. Lisa has a "look" and a certain way with c...
24-08-2017 19:11

Bungalow Dreaming

Lots of you know that I spend a considerable amount of time in Florida these days. I\'ve got wonderful friends and clients there, and the weather in t...
15-08-2017 19:10

Inspiration vs. Copycatting

I\'ve been thinking about writing a post like this for a while now, but a comment I received yesterday was enough to actually start my typing. Now, I ...
08-08-2017 19:09

Beyond Beautiful

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. William Rankin McLure posts pictures of his Birmingham, Alabama loft on his insanely popular Instagram, I want to grab a box of m...
08-08-2017 19:09


Is it a Bonnie Tyler song that goes, "I\'m living in a powder keg and giving off sparks"" I have so many irons in the fire, a few of them have rolled ...
02-08-2017 19:10

AWESOME Stuff For Sale

I am working on the guest room in tandem with my master bedroom, and I just can not believe how much stuff I\'ve amassed in the short time I\'ve lived...
28-07-2017 19:08

Book Review: Out East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons

If you only buy one book to add to your collection of interior design and coffee table books this summer, it better be Out East: Houses and Gardens of...
24-07-2017 19:11

Friday Favorite Instagrams

Well, here we are again - the end of another week. I\'ve been working like a mad man on a little surprise backyard redo for a friend of mine who has b...
22-07-2017 19:11

UPDATED! Coffee Table and Design Book Sale!

I\'m having another book sale! YAY! Here\'s your chance to get some amazing deals on beautiful interior design and gardening related books, even a few...
21-07-2017 19:11

LAST DAY! Coffee Table and Design Book Sale!

I\'m having another book sale! YAY! Here\'s your chance to get some amazing deals on beautiful interior design and gardening related books, even a few...
19-07-2017 19:11

Coffee Table and Design Book Sale!

I\'m having another book sale! YAY! Here\'s your chance to get some amazing deals on beautiful interior design and gardening related books, even a few...
14-07-2017 19:10

Tufted Inspiration: Vicente Wolf

Interior Design by Vicente Wolf...
14-07-2017 19:10

Designer Do-Over Version 3"

As you all know, I follow Mark D. Sikes and his work probably a little too closely. (Cue the silent judgement and side eye.) But I won\'t make apolog...
13-07-2017 19:12

Mark D. Sikes' New Book

Those of you who know me, or who read this blog with any regularity know that I\'m a huge fan of designer, Mark D. Sikes. The love affair started when...
14-06-2017 19:10

One Fabric Room

Lee Radziwill NYC ApartmentThis is probably one of the most beautiful, chic, and tailored rooms I\'ve ever seen. Lee Radziwill, famed style icon, soci...
05-06-2017 19:12

Kitchen Reveal

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen a little sneak peek of the kitchen redo I did here in the apartment.When I moved into the apa...
18-05-2017 19:11

It's My Birthday ... and I'll Blog if I Want To!

Well, 35-years ago today a red-headed woman in Texas was pushing out a beautiful baby who turned into ... well, me. Can you believe it" 35-years!" Who...
11-05-2017 19:13

From $19M Estate to NYC Thrift Store

I got back from NYC yesterday morning, a great little extended weekend trip that I needed very much. Sometimes we all need a break from reality, am I ...
04-05-2017 19:15

For Sale: Set of 4 MidCentury Kessler Industries Chairs in R

Have you ever made an impulse purchase" Sure you have! I mean, I do it all the time. In fact, I did it just a few months ago with these chairs. I was ...
25-04-2017 19:12

Mark D. Sikes' 2017 Henredon Rooms at High Point

"Cobalt and Chinoiserie". That\'s what Mark kept tagging all of his instagram pictures with this year just before unveiling his collection of furnitur...
21-04-2017 19:11

Changes ... They Are A'Coming

I\'ve been working on a redo of my bedroom at the apartment for the last several days. It actually started as an early morning aggravation 2-weeks ago...
19-04-2017 19:09

Decor Two Ways Part 3

In case you missed it, you can find Part 1 and Part 2 of this series with the coordinating links. Here are a few more:Jeffrey Bilhuber (1)Jeffrey Bilh...
18-04-2017 19:13

Beautiful Bedrooms

viaDesign by Miles ReddviaviaDesign by Charlotte Moss Design by Bunny WilliamsDesign by M. Elle DesignviaDesign by Jeffrey Bilhuber...
14-04-2017 19:11

Hooray for Henredon

I don\'t know who is leading the signature designer partnerships over at Henredon, but they\'re doing everything right! Last year the furniture manufa...
11-04-2017 19:37

The 2017 Southeastern Showhouse

The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine showhouse is starting up soon and I did a little digging to see what I could find as far as sneak peeks! The...
07-04-2017 19:09

Instagram Love

I\'m not sure if any of you have bought into the instagram hype, or if your fascination with it as deep as mine seems to be, but every once in a while...
06-04-2017 19:07

Cross Bottle Guy

A tiskit, a tasket, what\'s in your Easter basket" The cross bottle studio has been pretty busy these last few weeks, creating new and fun cross bott...
04-04-2017 19:11

Book Review: One Year on a Bike

I have thought a lot lately about which book from the many I still have to review should take the spot for the 100th. I\'ve spent a great deal of time...
31-03-2017 19:07

Paule Marrot - Jumping Off of a Bridge

Do you remember your mother or father saying to you "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too"" Perhaps you have said that to y...
31-03-2017 19:07

Ralph Lauren Home: Mulholland Drive

The fine people over at Ralph Lauren Home unveiled their Spring 2017 collection recently, titled Mulholland Drive. It\'s beautiful. Their inspiration ...
22-03-2017 19:07

Spring/Summer Switch Up

One of the things that I\'ve always loved about the change of seasons outside, is the prompting for the change of seasons inside. We each do this in o...
21-03-2017 19:09

Decor Two Ways Part 2

I was very excited to see that so many of you liked the last post about designers who make their homes their own little playground for ideas. It\'s fu...
15-03-2017 19:08

Decor Two Ways

I love a good before and after. I especially love it when it\'s the work of a designer in their own home, or a home designed by one designer and then ...
09-03-2017 19:11

Mark Sikes' Holiday House in Palm Springs, California

If you\'ve been watching Mark\'s instagram you already know that he was hired to redesign the Holiday House boutique hotel in Palm Springs. Holiday Ho...
04-03-2017 19:09


Have you ever had a moment where you just stand there, slack jawed, wondering where the time went" I have no idea where the end of last week or this p...
28-02-2017 19:11

Book Review: 20th Century Jewelry and The Icons of Style

Are you a lover of fine jewelry hand crafted by jewelers like Cartier, Bulgari, and Van Cleef and Arpel" Are you a history buff, following the lavish ...
24-02-2017 19:08

Book Review: Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time: PhotographsEvery so often, there\'s a book that pulls so tightly at your heart strings that you literally feel connected to it, a part...
23-02-2017 19:09

Book Review: Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michaelangelo to

Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michaelangelo to nowBy Isabel Seligman, Foreword by Bridget Riley, Preface by Hugo ChapmanPublished by Thames and Hudso...
23-02-2017 19:09
21-02-2017 19:10

Interior Design and Coffee Table Books For Sale!

I\'ve been working really hard lately at getting some things moved around and reorganized, and just being a bit more thoughtful of the things that I\'...
17-02-2017 19:09

Buy My Copy

I\'ve been working really hard lately at getting some things moved around and reorganized, and just being a bit more thoughtful of the things that I\'...
16-02-2017 19:11

Chinoiserie Wallpapers

Wallpaper in general isn\'t an inexpensive design element. No matter which way you choose to go, the double roll of a quality paper can run you $400+/...
13-02-2017 19:25

Book Review: Jane Packer's Flower Course

I\'ve always been an advocate for fresh flowers in the home. Whether it\'s a simple vase of tulips you pick up for $7 at the grocery store, an elabora...
10-02-2017 19:22

Book Review: Evergreen: Living with Plants

It\'s still frigid here in the Northeast, and every year about this time, I start getting the itch to travel to warmer climates. Since I don\'t see a ...
10-02-2017 19:22

Book Review: We Are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman Around the

For the sartorially minded, you may have already heard the term "dandy". If not, I\'ll fill you in. Dandy was a term used widely in England in the lat...
08-02-2017 19:14

Book Review: Scandinavia Dreaming

For those of you familiar with Nordic design, or what we all think of as traditional Scandinavian design, you know that there is a strange dichotomy i...
08-02-2017 19:14

Book Review: The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul

Here we are again, new month - new book review. The Italian Dream: Wine, Heritage, Soul authored by Gelasio Gaetani dAragona Lovatelli, with photogra...
02-02-2017 19:17

Book Review: Robert M. Gurney Architect: The Master Architec

I think that books on architecture are just as interesting as books devoted to interior design, especially when the architecture is award-winning. Rob...
27-01-2017 19:15

My Apartment - Finally

I\'ve had this in draft for more than a month now, trying to figure out how to begin the story of this journey, and these new things in this new place...
27-01-2017 19:15

Book Review: Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean: The Legacy o

In the 1600\'s, the West Indies became a place of salvation for Sephardic Jews who had fled Amsterdam after the Spanish and Portugese (Catholic) Inqui...
26-01-2017 19:15

Book Review: The Pearl Necklace

For those of you who know jewelry, you know that Mikimoto is probably the most recognized producer of the finest cultured pearl jewelry in the world. ...
25-01-2017 19:16

Book Review: Charles Percier: Architecture and Design in an

After reading Empire Style: The Hotel de Beauharnais in Paris I became very interested in the opulent neoclassicism in the palaces and monuments of t...
25-01-2017 19:16

Mark D. Sikes' New Website

Many of you know by now that I absolutely adore Mark Sikes. His look and aesthetic are nothing short of incredible and have brought back a traditional...
21-01-2017 19:09

Book Review: Signs of Our Times: From Calligraphy to Calligr

Books are for so much more than pleasure, don\'t you agree" They are inspirational, educational, and provocative. Books can challenge you to explore t...
18-01-2017 19:12

Beautiful Bars

I\'m still working on my little apartment, and I\'ve found myself somewhat stuck - waiting for the right things to come along, and for inspiration to ...
13-01-2017 19:09

Book Review: Art House

Some of you may know the name Chara Schreyer, some of you may not. Let me give you a quick biography that in either case will catch you up to speed, o...
12-01-2017 19:12

Book Review: Chic Stays

Chic Stays: Conde Nast Traveller\'s Favorite Peope on Their Favorite PlacesWho doesn\'t love a vacation" Am I right" I mean, it really doesn\'t even m...
11-01-2017 19:12

Cross Bottles, Cushions, and Chic Stays

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend, and that your temperatures are more welcoming than the inhospitably single d...
09-01-2017 19:13

Eddie Ross Scores The Cover of House Beautiful

The cover of House Beautiful magazine February 2017 showed up today, with an unusual cover image. Instead of the perfectly finished space they typical...
05-01-2017 19:10

Upholstery Genius: Grant Trick

I\'m convinced that Birmingham, Alabama is a place I need to move. First, Instagram introduced me to the talented artist and designer William Rankin-M...
04-01-2017 19:13

Biltmore Estate

I\'m back! Back to work, back to my daily responsibilities, back to my ultimate reality! Christmas was wonderful! It really was an exceptional trip, w...
29-12-2016 19:10

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